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Health↔Work Questionnaire

Find out if you, your workers, line managers, and senior managers have got the health & work message


Two uses for the Health↔Work Questionnaire

  1. Find out whether workers and line managers understand the fundamental relationship between health and work. If the level is low, then you should ensure everyone gets ‘the knowledge’. This measure may provide justification for the resources needed.

  2. Measure improvement in understanding the relationship between health and work. For example, use it before and after. This can demonstrate cost-benefit from helping workers and managers getting ‘the knowledge’.


What do you think about Work and Health? Answer the following questions with TRUE or FALSE


Coping with health problems whilst working leads to faster recovery

Medical advice isn’t always needed in order to stay at work with a health problem

Carrying on at work with an injury or illness does not usually make it worse

Work is good for our health and wellbeing

Modified work is not always needed for an injury or illness at work

It’s OK to sort out job modifications with your line manager

The Fit Note can help people stay at work with an injury or illness

Using the Health↔Work Questionnaire


Each ‘True’ response is given a score of one, and each ‘False’ is zero. The total score ranges from zero to 7.


A score of zero indicates little or no understanding

A score of seven indicates a good understanding


Download Health & Work Questionnaire


Download Scoring Instructions

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