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HOW to use this Toolbox

This website is the Toolbox - it contains a variety of tools to help you.


Each of the three main sections (Knowledge, Good Jobs, Supportive Workplaces) is divided into three types of information:

  1. Overview

  2. In Detail

  3. What To Do


Begin by familiarising yourself with all three Overview sections, then go on to look at the Detail and What To Do sections. 

Remember, this Health↔Work Toolbox is a resource you can come back to as often as you like. It will be especially useful if you, or one of your workers, develops symptoms of a common health problem.


USE this toolbox to:

  • Look up specific information

  • Learn new techniques and strategies

  • Get useful stuff from the resource library


If you don't feel confident that you know what is meant by Common Health Problems then be sure to read this first.


Remember the goal is to reduce the occurrence and impact that common health problems have on you and everyone at your workplace.


Persuade Others to Use This Toolbox


Collect relevant information and data as a way of creating an internal business case. This usually involves describing the issues with common health problems and pointing out there is room for improvement


Create a Learning Organisation


As has often been observed 'the only constant thing in life is change'. Organisations and all the people who work in them are constantly changing. An organisation that learns is more productive and capable of important aspects like growth and innovation. Try to consider what might help your organisation - whether it be small, medium, or large - to learn about common health problems and make progress by providing good jobs and acting as a supportive workplace.


Two Types of Intervention


There are two types of intervention in this Toolbox

(1) Tools for changing the culture

  • the target is everyone

  • this needs to be started as a 'top down' intervention

(2) Tools for changing the workplace

  • the target is both line managers and workers

  • this begins as a 'ground up' intervention

(1) is necessary to facilitate (2)


When the Toolbox Applies

The principles are applicable at any time, but it is important to focus on two aspects


Before any problems arise

This is the time to be proactive by making jobs as agreeable and comfortable as possible


Immediately problems arise

This is when you need to respond rapidly with an approach that is already worked out by making the workplace temporarily accommodating

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