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WHO it is for

The toolbox is for YOU. It is aimed at the entire management chain in every type of workplace, from the smallest to the largest. The main focus is everyone who serves as a line manager at any level, from top to bottom.


Since it is crucial to get all the key players onside, everyone in and around the workplace will need at least some of the tools.


We must all commit to the Health↔Work culture. Success is most likely if responsibility and ownership of work-relevant ** common health problems has to be shared between employer and employee.

Go to the Health↔Work Culture Tool for more detail. It contains advice for senior management, HR staff, etc

For larger companies and organisations there is specific advice for engaging senior management, with practical suggestions for what senior managers and human resources managers can do.


** Work-relevant refers to any injury or health complaint that is experienced at the workplace to a greater or lesser extent, and which in turn impact on work performance, irrespective of why and where they started. Work-relevant problems interfere with your ability to do your usual job. It doesn't matter what cause them, or whether they started at work, at home, or on the sports field. The problem is that you cannot do what you would normally do at work.

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