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Identify Signs of Mental Health Problems at Work

Closely related sections: Reasonable accommodations for mental health problems


The common mental health problems are anxiety, depression, and feeling stressed. You cannot and should not try to diagnose someone. However, you can note and discuss changes in things like work performance and listen to a workers or colleagues concerns.

You should also learn how to identify the signs of mental health problems. Every person is an individual and each day is different from the last so there is no simple formula or checklist. The most important thing is to watch out for changes, especially those that look like they're becoming consistent.


Behaviours that might indicate mental health problems

  • Working more slowly than usual

  • Missing deadlines

  • Calling in sick frequently

  • Increasing absenteeism

  • Expressing irritability and anger

  • Difficulty concentrating and making decisions

  • Appearing numb or emotionless

  • Withdrawing from work activity

  • Overworking

  • Forgetting directives, procedures and requests

  • Having difficulty with work transitions or changes in routines


Remember these signs could also result when one of your workers or colleagues has a family member with a mental health problem, or other serious health issue.


Make reasonable accommodations for workers with mental health problems.

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