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Identify, Plan, Action Framework

Identify obstacles to staying active and working, so that you can plan to overcome these, and then put that plan into action.

Identify, Plan, Action - identify any obstacles, plan how to overcome them, and put this into action.


To be effective: Consistency, Coordination, and Collaboration


Identify Obstacles

Looking for obstacles should be a routine activity by all key players. Think obstacles!



Develop a Plan

The Plan is often simple: agreeing to a few straightforward goals and timelines, making sure everyone knows who is doing what and when, this enables coordinated actions

  • my goals

  • what can I still do

  • obstacles to working

  • who needs to do what and when

Key tasks:

  • key players communicate

  • tackle specific obstacles by taking specific actions

  • each action has an agreed timeframe, responsible player allocated

  • emphasise ability

  • all players agree common goal and ensure supportive workplace

  • copy of plan to all

  • provision for revising plan when necessary



Take Action


Use a stepped approach - 'just what's needed when it's needed"

  • goals: set a time for starting back at work, and target timeframe for ending modified duties

  • can do: list can-do tasks and jobs (not just can't-do)

  • obstacles: what obstacles are getting in the way, and who will tackle them

  • what and when: steps needed to overcome obstacles, timeline, coordinator



Evaluate Progress


  • use objective measures

  • avoid subjective approaches

  • ask 'what have you been doing?' not 'how are you feeling?'


Revise a plan when there is a lack of progress, indicates need to re-evaluate.

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