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The Business Case for Employers

Helping you and your workforce deal with health at work is good for everyone and is good for business.

It’s the right thing to do and you’ll be thanked for doing it. Everyone benefits.



Gaining a Competitive Edge

You are right to be concerned about your employees health and well-being.


You may be committed to providing a healthy workplace but be concerned about the costs and resources needed. Don't be. There is a good business case. The small investment in health and well-being makes commercial sense.


This toolbox is designed to help you reduce sickness absence, boost productivity and the quality of work.


Quantifiable benefits include:

  • sickness absence

  • staff turnover

  • accidents and injuries

  • employee satisfaction

  • company profile

  • productivity

  • claims

  • competitiveness and profitability


The magnitude of the business benefits can vary significantly, and will depend not only on the type of organisation and approach involved, but also on the way in which it is implemented.


It has been estimated that the simple steps to improve the management of mental health in the workplace outlined in this toolbox, including prevention and early identification of problems, should enable employers to save 30 per cent or more of the costs for sickness absence, reduced productivity, and staff turnover (source: Sainsbury Centre for Mental Health).​

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