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Actions for Good Jobs

Senior Managers

  • In larger companies and organisations creating the infrastructure may be delegated to others, e.g. HRM, but senior management involvement is essential to set the aspiration.

  • Initiate the process and be proactive about providing good jobs.

  • Incorporate the good jobs aspiration into line manager training and support.

  • Ensure everyone in the workplace has contributed to finding the best combination of approaches to providing good jobs throughout the different parts of the business or organisation.

  • Review regularly and seek to improve.


Line Managers

  • Find out whether you are providing good jobs. Use guided questioning to determine whether the jobs you manage are sufficiently comfortable and engaging.

  • Identify potential improvements and make changes, recognising that creating good jobs is an aspirational goal to keep working toward.

  • Identify where skills need to be developed to help workers cope with unavoidable aspects of jobs that are unpleasant or uncomfortable.

  • Communicate effectively to senior management and workers about what can be realistically achieved toward providing good jobs.



  • Participate in open communication about how to make good jobs.

  • Question line managers when the process of providing good jobs is not occurring.

  • Respect and support your colleagues.



Senior Management sets the approach. Line Managers make it happen. Workers contribute to the process.

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